Kinara hotel has a modern conference hall equipped with all modern facilities. It is ideal for holding seminars, conferences, exhibitions, and other business functions. If you want a modern conference room, book this hall. You will be delighted with the services you will receive. The conference hall is spacious and well furnished with tables and chairs. The hall is fully furnished with the required facilities for conducting a smooth and successful meeting.

 This conference hall can host a meeting of up to 50-60 people. The Conference hall is a large room, equipped with all modern facilities. You will find all the modern facilities in the conference hall. You can book this hall for the meeting of up to 50-60 people. Conference hall  has a large display screen which can be used for PowerPoint presentations and it has a projector screen which can be used for videos and images. The conference hall also has many other amenities like high speed Internet connection, car parking facilities. The enviroment of conference hall is very pleasent.

Beautiful Environment

The Conference hall has air conditioning system and a sound system to suite any kind of function. You will find that the conference hall is equipped with a state of art, air conditioning system, and a sound system. You will find everything needed to conduct a smooth and successful seminar in the conference hall. You can have a meeting of up to 50-60 peoples at a time. You can book this conference hall at a very reasonable price. The conference hall has all the required facilities to suite any type of function. The conference hall is enough to hold a large group of people, and there are comfortable chairs in the room for all.

Book a Meeting Place

So, if you are planning to hold a meeting  in Gujrat, you will find this conference hall a great place to host the meetings and kinara hotel is one of the best option. Our services include seminars, lectures, conferences, parties and other events. We are open to suggestions from our clients and we work with our clients closely to come up with the best solutions for them.

We understand the importance of conducting meetings, and we make sure that the seminar is conducted smoothly and that you have a productive time. We are ready to serve and host any kind of meeting in our conference hall.